Photographed above from left to right: Emily Hobbes, Cheryl Chan , Emilio Colalillo; photo by Ken Dobb

Image description: Three dancers in shirts and bare legs stand in a sea of newspapers. One dancer screams at the sky.

Ok, You can stop now

rock.paper.sistahz residency produced by b current performing arts with support from

Theatre Passe Muraille's Buzz Development Series

Created and choreographed by Shakeil Rollock

Jan 2021-Apr 2021


When does a moment become a memory? When does a memory become history? These are some of the questions that sparked young choreographer, Shakeil Rollock to create the beginnings of a work in 2016. Ok, You can stop now is Shakeil’s portrayal of a dystopian society and how those within it co-exist. Each performer goes on their own journey in the space towards a struggle for power and peace. Much like in the world today, Ok, You can stop now, expresses how Shakeil feels we are stuck in this world with many options but ultimately unless total and complete understanding and compromise is met, there will always be a disconnect. We can choose who we align ourselves with, but for what reason? Given the weight of our social climate, do we always make the best decisions in moments of haste?


b current is thrilled to support bcHUB alumni, Shakeil Rollock, as he continues the development of this emotionally raw, and socially relevant piece of dance theatre. 


Created and choreographed by 

Shakeil Rollock


Dance Dramaturgy by

Esie Mensah


Additional dramaturgical support by

Catherine Hernandez


Performed by 

Cheryl Chan 

Tyra Temple-Smith

Brayden Cairns 

Rohan Dhupar




Shakeil Rollock is a Toronto based dance artist. Starting dance at the age of seventeen, he mainly trained in urban styles. Later he was influenced to train in classical techniques including ballet, and modern techniques. Now a graduate from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Shakeil has appreciated working with choreographers such as Louis Laberge-Côté, Draico (Step Up Franchise), Lua Shayenne, Newton Moraes, Kevin Ormsby, Christopher House (Toronto Dance Theatre) and Debra Brown (Cirque du Soleil). Shakeil has been fortunate to have toured internationally to the United States of America, England and Jamaica for dance. Also, Shakeil is a proud member of his own collective,Impromptu Movements. He is one of six nominees for the 2017 Emerging Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts. Beyond performing, Shakeil choreographs and teaches throughout the province and has been an annual lecturer at Wilfrid Laurier University.  His ventures also extend into musical theatre, television and film having worked for Disney, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Check him out at